Samantha Giordano

CF-L1 Trainer

As a Health and Physical Ed teacher, soccer and basketball coach I am nothing if not active! In addition, I have played sports throughout my life and enjoy doing mostly anything that comes my way.  My husband (boyfriend at the time) first introduced me to CrossFit in 2011. I was very curious about this workout that everyone had been talking about and suffice it to say it turned out to be the most exhausting day of my life. I went into a box on a Saturday and did my first 10 min AMRAP. It was pushups, sit-ups, and air squats and I never would have thought that it would be so tiring! I mean it’s “only” 10 minutes, right? I had never exerted as much energy and effort in 10 minutes in my entire life and I was hooked.

I progressed to learning different Olympic lifting exercises and started to lift weight I would never have imagined and perform exercises I have never heard of. There were and still are many times that I feel like stopping and feel as though my body can not handle any more. I have learned that the the reality is it can and that there are people around you encouraging you to achieve your goal and finish. Being surrounded by people that support you, have been in your shoes, and care about your success is truly inspiring. Learning to fight through your struggles and believe in yourself has provided me with the strength to accomplish many things in my life.

As a coach of high school girls and adults I strive to encourage others in achieving their goals. Tribute Strength is a community that understands life’s challenges and sincerely inspires everyone.