Couple words on the philosophy behind Tribute Strength’s programming. First word – longevity. Second word – interesting. Third word – intentionally varied.

Ok so that was more than a couple words. Semantics.

Longevity is everything. Without longevity in health and wellness what’s the point of being healthy and well in the first place. We’re all at points in our lives, whether we’re students in grammar school or retired adults, where the importance of feeling healthy is paramount. No one want’s to be in pain. Soreness? Sure. Understandable and almost preferred. But pain – no. Too much of everything in life is a recipe for problems. Life is about finding a balance and that’s exactly what Tribute Strength is about. With that in mind our programming is designed to get us all fit, healthy, strong and most importantly feeling good about ourselves. After all, if we’re going to work as hard as we do we might as well walk out of the gym feeling like it was all worth it and ready to come back the next day.

If Longevity is everything then Interesting is a close second. One of the draws of CrossFit is the fact it’s different than what most of us were all accustomed to in the “globo” and basement gyms across the world. Both Interesting and Constantly Varied go hand in hand. No one wants to come in and work this hard while performing the same routine day in and day out. Not only is it another recipe for injury but it’s also boring. Every day should be exciting. Every day should be different. Every day you should leave the gym anticipating what tomorrow has to offer.


You will notice that our programming is a mixture of cardiovascular, weightlifting, and gymnastics exercises and that is exactly what CrossFit is. For those interested in purely “strength” based programming we have options for you but we do not believe it to be the foundation of fitness. Our goals are simple – Our mile time is just as important as our max back squat. Our 2k row time is just as important as our max snatch. You get the point.

CrossFit is about being good at everything.  
Let's all be good at everything together.  
Fitness doesn't specify so why should we?

The philosophy, in a nutshell, at Tribute Strength is to get our members and ourselves fit, happy and healthy. CrossFit has a tendency to take itself too serious and we’re firm believers that the more serious you take it, and the more serious you take life, the greater your chance at burning out in both.

So come into Tribute and have fun, get fit and leave with a smile.