Inside each turbulence there is a calm – a sliver of light buried in the darkness…
— Norman Ollestad, Crazy for the Storm

our story

Tribute Strength is a CrossFit gym run and operated by people with similar goals, morals, and values. We’re not rocket scientists. We aren’t reinventing the wheel. We are, however, genuine people that care. Genuine people with a background in fitness, athletics and coaching. People who respect the process of becoming fit and all the obstacles along the way. 

We’re people just like anyone else. We have families of our own. We understand that life is a gentle and tricky balance of caring for oneself as well as our loved ones. Far too often the former gets neglected and we can say that because we’ve been there. We’ve been down that road.  

Ultimately we decided it was time to make time.  Time to make fitness a goal and embrace the truth that is the fragility of life. 
So what’s the meaning behind “Tribute”?

We decided on the name Tribute StrengtH

because we wanted to pay Tribute to our friends, family and life experiences that have helped us reach this point. It’s a show of respect and a not-so-subtle head nod to our history. Both positive and negative. Both wonderful and tragic. 

It’s the sum of our parts.  

And the meaning behind “Strength”? 

We’re a CrossFit facility with strength equipment that includes plates, barbells and any and everything you could imagine. 

But that’s not the point.

We’re not referring to physical strength. We’re referring to inner strength. The kind of strength that sits quietly underneath the cover of muscles and workout clothing. We all want to be strong. We all want to “look good.” But we should want to “feel good” as well. 
Fitness and exercise is much more than a superficial magazine cover. It’s about putting yourself out there and going home knowing you just got your money’s worth. It’s about going home and telling your kids how hard you just worked and seeing their faces flush with pride. It’s about setting an example for those around you. 

No one should care how much weight you lift as no one should care what your 5k time is. They should care that you tried, though. They should care about your effort. Effort, attempts and decisions to act are all you need in life. It’s those decisions that form the foundation for strength. 

Why CrossFit?

CrossFit is defined as, “Constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity.”  CrossFit combines cardiovascular endurance, weightlifting and gymnastics to form the foundation of measurable fitness and health. Often performed in a class and teamwork atmosphere, CrossFit prides itself on community. It’s that very community or team that makes working hard fun.

Intensity is the key word. Intensity is what breeds results. It’s intensity that brings people to CrossFit and turns people away. 

If you are someone looking to make a change then you have to be someone ready to change. It’s like anything else in life – the harder you work the better the results. Don’t run from the results you seek.