Jen Guiliano


I stepped into my first CrossFit gym in September 2011.  Yes, I was nervous, but I had 10+ years of martial arts training under my belt so how challenging could these “WODs” be?! I trained 2-3 hours a night, did pushups on my knuckles, and didn’t stop until I heard the bell.  Well, two things happened that memorable day: 1) I was humbled within minutes; and 2) I fell in love with CrossFit. 
From that day on, I did everything I could to learn about my new passion in order to get better and stronger.  I was amazed at not only the physical benefits but the positive changes in my confidence and outlook on life.   I embraced the support of my coaches and truly admired them for their ability to have such a positive impact on their members’ achievements. 
Being so thankful for all my CrossFit and non-CrossFit accomplishments (and even my struggles) over the past few years, I became a coach in order to give back to my CrossFit community. I wanted to help others just like my coaches had helped me.  As a 40+ year old athlete and mother of 2 active boys, I understand that combining fitness and everyday life will have its challenges.  My unending goal is to help people remain positive and achieve things they never thought possible.
I am so excited and proud to be a part of Tribute Strength because we are a community like no other.  We are genuinely grateful for each member and always support one another.  

You can’t really achieve anything great without the help of others.
— Lou Holtz

At Tribute Strength, we know that success does not happen alone.  We value everyone in our family and our goal is to get all of us the strongest we can be and achieve greatness together.